We shall call him “muscles”….

I decided to swipe right on a whim. He had such an amazing body and gorgeous face; I knew he was out of my league but thought “what the hell”.

Instantly there was a match. 

So that was an interesting turn of events. 

He messaged me first, making some sort of comment about how he found my “situation” interesting. I am honest in my profile that I am in  an open marriage. It’s usually a good conversation starter. 

We chatted for quite awhile and the banter and flow was nice. After a couple of days of chatting we switched to text and made a date to meet for coffee. 

We met at a coffee place not far from my home. We arrived at the same time and he greeted me with a hug in the parking lot. Even through his jacket I could feel his bulging bicep. Rock hard. I was definitely interested in seeing if the rest was just as hard.

The conversation was fun and full of laughter. We have similarly aged children and talked a lot about family. It was nice. After a couple of hours we parted ways with a promise to see one another again. 

Within the week we had plans to go out for a drink. The drink was quick and we made our way back to his place. Sitting on his couch we were facing each other. I continued to find excuses to touch him.

I have always dated guys with some muscles but never someone with so little body fat. He was so incredibly lean that I found it a turn on to think of touching that body naked..to feel that strength while in the throes of passion. Sadly, the reality didn’t quite measure up to the fantasy. 

While we talked on the couch he leaned in and told me he wanted to kiss me. Of course I leaned in and whispered “then do it”.

This was the first let down. 

It was like kissing a chicken who was pecking at its feed. Rapidly he would go in for the kiss and just as quickly pull away. Then back in again, over and over like he was pecking at my face. Quickly he escalated to telling me “oh you’re so hot, oh you’re so sexy”..over and over between pecks. His hands were roaming rapidly all over my body as though we were experiencing some hot passionate love affair. 

Maybe he was??? I’m certain that I wasn’t. 

While all of this was happening to my face and my body, I was feeling bewildered, perplexed, and a little like I was caught up in some cheesy porn that I was not given the script to. At one point I burst out laughing. 

Although I found his way of making out to be completely amusing…I decided to allow this event to continue because frankly, his body just looked so damn amazing and I wanted the experience. If anything it was going to be chalked up to a little science experiment…to see what a completely lean muscle bound hottie was like in bed. Yes, I have my shallow moments.

I suggested that we make our way to his room and he practically lept from the couch.

I would like to say that the actual act of sex far surpassed my expectations, but unfortunately what started downstairs just became worse in bed.  I don’t even know how to describe it. When we got into the room he undressed himself and laid back on his bed, leaving me to undress myself. I did so and then climbed on top of him. I tried to lean over and kiss him but he kept up with the “pecking at my face” style of kissing so I gave up and made my way down his body and performed a pretty half decent blow job. He was quite verbally appreciative, which I love. Eventually I asked him to get a condom, which he did and then he laid back down on his back. From there I climbed on top and attempted to enjoy myself but the rapid”pecking” he does with his mouth he also does with his cock. You would think that with being on top I could control things more and move in ways that I find enjoyable, but this was not the case.

We moved into a variety of positions, ultimately ending up in missionary but it was very clear to me that the chemistry was lacking. I’m just not so sure it was as obvious to him. He kept rapidly repeating “you’re so sexy, so hot, you turn me on” etc but in spite of his exuberance, I just wasn’t feeling it. 

Now the one saving grace was that as big and hard as his muscles are, his cock was just as generous. Muscles was certainly built.

After the event was over we laid in bed and chatted for a bit. While Muscles left a lot to be desired in the sex department, he is fantastic at making conversation. 

Eventually we fell asleep not even touching. 

Not even a month

After one week of no contact he reached out. He found it hard to not speak with me after what was 4 months of daily conversation. I was “his person that he talks to about things” he said, and so no contact was hard. I told him that as much as I missed him I still needed the space to get over him. Also, we ended up arguing about my expectations of him and his inability to meet them and this made the decision to go no contact again much easier.

After our argument and the breakdown in our bond, I began to rebel. I needed sex.  I felt he was lost to me forever and I needed to drown the pain.  At the same time I began talking to two different men from Tinder. One was very attractive, a dedicated gym-rat and had the physique to prove it. The other was a cute father of two who has been in an open marriage for over a decade.

I was bound and determined to get to know both men further, if only to help me forget My Lover. Things were about to change.